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FAQs - Athento

1. What is a subscription?

A subscription is a contract that gives you the right to take advantage of an Athento license for one year. In addition to a license, the subscription plans include support which will help you with any problem that might arise over the course of that year.

Other advantages of subscribing to an Athento plan:

  • You’ll always be able to enjoy the latest version of Athento.
  • You’ll form part of the Athento community, and you’ll be able to use resources such as Athento Answers, webinars, manuals and other Athento educational materials.
  • What’s more, you’ll always be the first to hear about anything new with the product.

2. What happens if I don’t want to renew the following year?

You won’t have the legal right to enjoy and use the Athento license. Additionally, you will no longer be covered by the support program included in your plan. 

3. What happens if my needs grow and my plan doesn’t cover them?

You’ll have to upgrade to an Athento subscription that covers your needs, whether it’s regarding CPUs, pages, capacity or support. It’s important to remember that if you surpass the limits of your plan without upgrading, the support offered by your plan will cease coverage.

4. What are the differences between the Starter and Enterprise plans?

Starter plans tend to be favored by businesses that want to get off to a quick start – buying and downloading Athento. Support coverage isn’t as thorough as that offered by Enterprise plan, and the volume of work that Athento would do doesn’t tend to be very large. 

Enterprise plans are purchased by companies with highly-demanding projects: large volumes of work, the need to have wide support coverage, various types of software running, etc.

5. How can I buy Athento?

There are various ways you can buy Athento:

  • Through our web page: Starter plans can be purchased directly through Athento’s web site. Once payment has been completed, we’ll send you an e-mail that containts the link to the application, so that you can download it and install it. 
  • With an Athento sales representative: Use our web contact form or call us, and one of our sales staff will get in touch with you. 
  • Though one of our Athento authorized partners: The Athento web site contains a list of  Athento Authorized Partners.  Prices offered by partners will never be higher than prices listed on the Athento web page, as long as their coverage is not more extensive than the coverage of the plans that we outline on our web page.

6. What’s the process for buying Athento?

These are the processes that will help you get the most out of acquiring Athento: 

Starter Plans

  1. Choose the starter plan which best fits your needs. When making your decision, think about which support coverage would be best for your business; the number of CPUs to be used; and, in the case that you’ll be processing documents (classifying them in an automatic way and extracting data from them). Think, too, about the number of pages you’re going to be processing. 
  2. Buy the Starter Plan. To do this, you can use the “Purchase” button for the starter plan that you’ll find on Athento In-House Prices page. Athento uses the services of PayPal to help you with your purchases. (PayPal also allows consumers to pay by credit card.) If this isn’t the best way for your business to pay for the service, contact us.
  3. You’ll receive an e-mail that contains a link where you can download Athento.  Once payment is received, we’ll send you an e-mail that contains a link where you can download the software. The e-mail will also contain information about your plan (renewal date, support coverage, etc.) 
  4. Your support will become effective immediately. Once you’ve received your welcome e-mail, the support plan connected to your Starter plan will enter into effect. 

Enterprise Plans

  1. Get in touch with Athento. You can do this through the Athento website, by using our online contact form, or through an Athento partner. Important: When you contact us, please provide us with as much information as possible so that we’re able to speak with you. 
  2. Complete our “Help us to help you” questionnaire. You’ll receive the link to the questionnaire as a link in a response e-mail, or because one of our sales representatives or partners has sent it to you. The aim of this questionnaire is to gain in-depth knowledge about all of the needs of your Smart Document Management project. The information that you provide us will help us provide you with a solution that best fits your needs.
  3. We’ll get in touch with you. With the data you’ve provided us about your document management project, we’ll arrange a meeting where we can talk in more depth and demonstrate Athento. (This could take place over one or more meetings.)
  4. Collecting requirements and needs. We’ll get into the specific details and issues that your business faces and collect your project’s specifications to formulate a proposal for you. We’ll also come to an agreement about the time frame in which Athento is to be implemented.
  5. Sales proposal. We’ll provide you with a sales proposal that outlines the terms and conditions. Proposals are sent electronically but can be downloaded in PDF format and printed. 
  6. Accepting the sales proposal and payment.  Payment is carried out in accordance with the conditions agreed to in the sales proposal.

FAQs - Athento Cloud

1. Does Athento have a communications channel to inform users about performance issues or where users can request information?

Yes: you can obtain immediate support from the Athento community through Athento Answers. You’ll also have an e-mail address where you can report emergency issues. Once you become a client of Athento Cloud Service, you’ll receive the e-mail address. 

Athento has a team of people who work every day to provide outstanding product support, solve doubts, document requested information and resolve problems.

2. Does Athento have term contracts?

No: you can stay with Athento for as long as you want. 

The Athento Cloud service does have a monthly fee. Once you’ve confirmed that you want to stop using Athento Cloud, the service will cease to be available at the end of that month, and you will not be charged for the following month’s fee. You can also program the end of your contract for a specific month.

To stop service, you only need to contact us via e-mail. The e-mail address you should send the cessation e-mail to will be made available to you once you become a client of Athento Cloud Service. 

3. Once I get Athento Cloud, what support channels are available?

When you sign up for the Athento Cloud service, you have several different support channels:

4. If the storage capacity I signed up for turns out not to be enough, can it be enlarged?

Yes, your storage capacity can be increased at any time, as well as the number of users authorized to use the platform. To do this, you just need to upgrade to the next plan that covers your needs. 

Consult the subscriptions plans available for Athento Cloud.

5. Once I sign up for Athento Cloud, does Athento sign a service provision contract? What about a confidentiality agreement?

Once you obtain Athento, both parties accept the conditions outlines in the Service Terms for Athento Cloud, which are available through www.athento.com.

6. Where are the servers for Athento Cloud located?

The servers that house Athento Cloud are located in Europe and in Canada. 

7. What security measures does Athento Cloud offer me for my documents?

  • Secure access: It’s not possible to gain access to Athento without a user and password that have been previously registered in the system. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain control of confidentiality for those access credentials. Additionally, Athento gives you the option of controlling the accessibility of each document through its “Access Permission” option, which makes a specific document accessible (or not) to various groups, roles and users. 
  • Daily backup copies: The Athento team carries out daily backups of information stored in Athento Cloud. 

8. Am I the only person who’s responsible for documentation, or does Athento also have a reproduction clause over it, as other cloud-based services do?

Athento does not demand the right for reproduction on any of the documentation contained in Athento Cloud. 

The client is the sole person or entity responsible for documentation, and the only one who retains the right to reproduce documents. In no case does Athento attempt to access, store and/or work with any kind of information contained in the document(s) stored in its cloud facilities.

9. What are the payment periods permitted for Athento Cloud (monthly, quarterly, annually)?

You have complete flexibility when you pay for Athento Cloud. Payments can be made every month, or paid every two, three, six or twelve months, or in the period that you want. 

Talk to one of our sales people to learn more about what's on offer, and find the best price.

What’s more, with Athento Cloud, you just pay for the amount of time you’re going to use – nothing more. You’ll have the service available throughout the entire billed period, and if ou decide not to continue using the service in the next period, you don’t need to pay,you're your service will automatically be cancelled.

10. How will I receive my Athento Cloud billing?

Once you’ve become an Athento Cloud client, you can request to have your Athento Cloud invoice sent to e-mail which will be provided to you, once you become a client of ours.

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